English was born and raised in Mount Pleasant, before every nook and cranny was filled with shopping centers and townhouses. Growing up in this once-small town, allowed English’s love of nature and animals to grow. In her younger years, she could be found barefoot, covered in plough mud from head to toe, exploring the marsh behind her childhood home and all of its wildlife. With an insatiable curiosity of all living things, her research began at an early age, with her begging her parents to take her to Blockbuster to rent science documentaries. Years later, her research continued at a higher level of education, at Clemson University. While attending, she fell in love with organic chemistry and biochemistry.

She began working for OSHA’s cancer research team, Team Tiburon, focusing on biochemical and immunological research of an anti-tumor protein in the bonnethead shark. Soon after, she was recruited by the Department of Defense, to research biochemical agents to speed the healing process of wounded soldiers on the front lines. In 2013, English graduated with a degree in Animal and Veterinary Sciences from Clemson University. In 2016, English joined our team, and is fortunate enough to continue working with and learning about animals every day. When she isn’t loving on y’all’s animals, she is obsessing over her own furbabies; her two Great Danes, Capone and Junebug.