Dr. Jackie is originally from Kingwood, NJ. She began pursuing a career in veterinary medicine by volunteering at a professor’s alpaca farm while attending SUNY Binghamton. After graduating with a BS in Integrative Neuroscience, she spent a year working as a veterinary assistant and applying to veterinary schools. She was accepted into St.George’s University class of 2022, where she fell in love with tropical living on the island of Grenada, West Indies. She then spent a year at University of Georgia completing her clinical rotations.

She is very excited to call Charleston her new home, combining her newfound love of the south with her love of the ocean and outdoors. In her free time, Dr. Jackie enjoys exploring Charleston’s many waterways on her paddleboard and finding new hiking trails to call her favorite.When the weather isn’t agreeable to outdoor activities she is just as content to stay at home with a good book, an indie video game, and her Grenadian cat Guino.