Dear Friends,

We would like to thank you for your continued patience and cooperation during our modified way of doing things for the COVID-19 pandemic.  The love shared between pets and their families is an everlasting bond.  We are grateful to be a part of protecting that bond.

As we all move forward together, everybody’s safety remains our top priority coupled with providing your pets the best care that they deserve.

There will continue to be the option of Valet veterinary curbside care throughout for your preferred comfort level. (see bottom of page).



🡺 In accordance with the following guidelines, you may accompany your pet into the building for select purposes.

🡺 Limit one person per appointment.  This helps control the amount of people in the building at any given time.

🡺 We will need to ask COVID-19 exposure questions. Have you been exposed to our personally had COVID symptoms or testing in the past 10 days?  For the safety of all, it will be necessary to participate in curbside care if you answer “yes” to any of these questions.

🡺 Wearing a mask will be required of you, and we will also wear masks.  Please provide your own clean mask.  Proper use of the mask includes coverage of the nose and mouth. We realize there are many variations of face coverings be used. As a medical facility, we require a surgical mask or similarly designed mask that securely covers the face. Bandana’s, gators, and other loose fitting coverings aren’t approved in our office. We can give you a mask if you need one.

🡺 Please call when you arrive and then remain in your vehicle.  To control social distancing and traffic safety in our small parking lot, it is very important that you remain in your vehicle. We will call you when it is your turn to enter.   You will be shown directly to the exam room so that we can keep the lobby empty.

🡺 As your appointment begins, we appreciate your cooperation in social distancing inside the exam room as much as the space allows. Please remain seated for the duration of the appointment. Our staff will handle your pet during the entire appointment.

🡺 Normally we would perform as much of your pets care in the exam room with you as possible. However, to keep exposure times limited, the vet tech and the veterinarian will consult with you in the exam room but your pet will be taken to the treatment area for care. We promise not to keep your pet away from you any longer than necessary.

🡺 The doctor will come see you in the exam room and talk about your pets care plan.

🡺 When the visit is concluded, payment and paperwork will be conducted in the exam room and then you’ll be able to exit the building.

🡺 There are some basic pet care needs that will continue to be provided curbside only (i.e. a toenail trim or similar). Also, pets being dropped off with us will be managed via curbside.


🡺 Our “Vet Valet” curbside service will continue as an option. Call us when you arrive and we will come to your car to receive your pet, bring it in for care, communicate with you by phone and return your pet to your car. Our contact with you in person will be limited in order to reduce exposure. Please note that our team members are unable to spend time with you outside beyond the time to retrieve or return your pet. All communication will be by phone so please have a charged cell phone with you and be available to answer when we call.

🡺 Teleconsults with live video chat are still available for select issues. If this interests you, please ask us for details on meeting with the doctor remotely.

🡺 Contactless pickup of items only (i.e. prescriptions, food, etc.) will continue to be paid for by phone and then set on a table outside our door so that we can maintain a closed lobby.

🡺 Enjoy the convenience of home delivery by ordering from our website.

Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital

Shuler Vet Clinic

As an animal hospital, our routine protocols for cleaning and sanitation were already strong. However, we have further enhanced them to ensure everyone’s safety. We are committed to cleaning all surfaces in the exam room between each person. This includes door handles, chairs, and every other surface possible.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your pets best life!