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Meet Our Montage Boards

Want an interactive experience with your next vet visit? How can you get information directly to your phone or computer from your vet hospital? Hey everyone! We have a new educational tool for you and your fur-babies in the exam rooms! These fabulous screens are interactive and full of information that is instantly sharable! We [...]

Our Clinic Cat, Romeo

There's a quote that states, "A dog has an owner. A cat has a staff." With our boy Romeo, he certainly had just that. While our staff was, of course, always taking care of the pets coming and going throughout the workday, there was one pet that always stayed. Romeo was a constant in our [...]

Can I Come Too?

It’s summertime! And with summer, comes travel!  How many of you travel with your pet? (If you just recoiled in anxiety at the thought, we will talk “pet lodging” for your fur babies! If you are excited and “all in” for taking Fluffy or Fido, read on!) More and more businesses are providing pet-friendly options. As [...]

Pet Hydration Awareness Month…It’s a HOT TOPIC!

It's HOT outside, y'all! We're in the DOG days of summer... and cats may have 9 lives, but they shouldn't burn through half of them trying to stay hydrated in this heat! I mean, you practically walk to your car and you're already sweating! You can feel the steamy pavement's heat, radiating up your legs [...]

Pet Parenting 101

As a parent to two-legged and four-legged “kids”, I often wonder if there is a checklist to determine “Am I doing a good job?” or “What am I forgetting to do?”. Now, if I check the abundance of social media references, I may find out more than I wanted to, on what I’m NOT doing [...]

Noise Aversion

Does your dog run and hide or start panting and shaking when children in the neighborhood set off firecrackers?  Has your dog run away during the Fourth of July celebration?  If so, your dog likely suffers from noise aversion, also commonly known as noise anxiety or noise phobia.  Noise aversion affects two-thirds1 of dog in the [...]


The main purpose of starting this blog was to create a platform to be able to share with y'all the very lowdown, nitty, gritty details of anything and everything pet-related. I wanted a place that we could discuss the skinny, the deal, the D.L., the scoop, the "poop". Catch my drift?  And so, The Frass [...]

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